Energy and mining

The global objective of the project is to assist the Malagasy government in implementing strategy to accelerate the sustainable development of the mining sector and contribute to reducing poverty in Madagascar by improving management and transparency of mineral resources, particularly pertaining to traditional and small-scale mining activities.

Specific objectives of the Project :

- Reinforcing transparency and governance in the mining sector.
- Promoting institutional reforms essential for the community based management of mineral resources.
- Promoting private investments and added value in the mining sector.
- Fast and sustainable development of the mining sector and increase of economic spin-offs for populations within the framework of fighting against poverty.
- Improving natural resources management to prevent deterioration in the environment.

The different main actions to be considered by PGRM in order to fulfill the aforementioned objectives regroup :

- Improvement and application of the legal and regulatory framework
- Implementation of the community based management of crisis and rush situation of precious substances
- Establishment of a national capacity to certify and control gems quality and improve their marketing through the creation of the “Institut de Gemmologie de Madagascar” (IGM)
- Establishment of a trade center (purchase/sale) of precious stones and a one-stop-shop to facilitate export formalities.
- Promotion of a vocational focus to lapidary artisans to improve added value of gems production
- Reinforcement of the private sector entities
- Pursue of institutional reforms to improve the sector administration and the community based management of mineral resources
- Reinforcement of the decentralised management of the environment
- Creation of the Agency for the Promotion of the Mining Sector to improve the ability of the Government to attract private investments
- Support to traditional mining sector through the extension of services and a small donation program
- Reinforcement and update of the geological infrastructure through the realisation of the airborne geophysical surveys, geological and geochemical surveys, synthesis and valuation researches of mineral resources
- Establishment of a Base for the Promotion of the Governance of Mineral Resources, an unit specialised in geological infrastructure operation for promotion activities

Source: Mineral Resource Governance Project