Madagascar is a country with great agricultural potential. The food sector is the heart of the Malagasy economy. Large areas of usable land are still unexploited (there is 9.5 million hectares of usable land).

80% of the population is involved in the agricultural sector and in 2000, contributed to 31.8% of Gross Domestic Product (Source: Madagascar Central Bank). The country has an important agri-business potential taking into account the enormous agricultural potential. 26% of all formal Malagasy industrial businesses accounted for in the agricultural sector.

Agri-business is the most important branch since it represents more than 37% of the total industrial production. For “canned and vegetable” products, Madagascar is the main exporter in the Indian Ocean region. Other products also represent a potential for export, such as green beans, green pepper, pickled mushrooms, frozen vegetables… Ddry vegetables are also part of the main exporting products in this sector.

Sector potentials and opportunities

Madagascar’s diversified climates and relief offer a range of agricultural possibilities. Indeed, each area of the Great Island is characterized by a climate favorable for any kind of cultivation which do not require a cold climate below O°C.

The Malagasy soils represent significant arable surfaces: 5 000.000 ha constituting 8,4% of the total of the national territory.