Last update 26/01/2015

Prime Minister – Head of Government: General RAVELONARIVO Jean

Minister of State for Presidential Projects, Spatial Planning and Equipement: RAKOTOVAO Rivo
Minister at the Presidency of Mines and Petroleum: LALAHARISAINA Joéli Valérien
Minister of National Defence: General RAKOTOZAFY Dominique Jean Olivier
Minister of Foreign Affairs: ATTALAH Béatrice
Minister of Justice: RAMANANTENASOA Noëline
Minister of Finance and Budget: RAKOTOARIMANANA François Marie Maurice Gervais
Minister of Interior and Decentralization: MAHAFALY Solonandrasana Olivier
Minister of Public Safety: General Police Inspector RANDIMBISOA Blaise Richard
Minister of Economy and Planning: General RAVELOHARISON Herilanto
Minister of Agriculture: RAVATOMANGA Rolland
Minister of Public Health: ANDRIAMANARIVO Mamy Lalatiana
Minister of National Education: RABARY Andrianiaina Paul
Minister of Industry and Private Sector Development: RAFIDIMANANA Narson
Minister of Trade and Consumption: RABESAHALA Henry
Minister of Public Works: RATSIRAKA larovana Roland
Minister of Public Service, Labour and Social Laws: MAHARANTE Jean de Dieu
Minister of Tourism, Transport and Meteorology: ANDRIANTIANA Jacques Ulrich
Minister of Energy and Hydrocarbons: HORACE Gatien
Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research: RASOAZANANERA Marie Monique
Minister of Employment, Technical and Professional Education: RAMANANTSOA Ramarcel Benjamina
Minister of Environment, Ecology, Sea and Forests: BEBOARIMISA Ralava
Minister of Fisheries and Fishery Resources: AHMAD
Minister of Water, Hygiene and Sanitation: NDAHIMANANJARA Bénédicte Johanita
Minister of Livestock: RAMPARANY Anthelme
Minister of Culture, Arts and Crafts: RASAMOELY Brigitte
Minister of Posts, Telecommunications and New Technologies: RAKOTOMAMONJY André Neypatraiky
Minister of Communication and Relations with Institutions: ANDRIANJATO RAZAFINDAMBO Vonison
Minister of Youth and Sports: ANDRIAMOSARISOA Jean Anicet
Minister of Population. Social Protection and Promotion of Women: RËALY Onitiana Voahariniaina
Secretary of State at the Ministry of National Defence in charge of the Gendarmerie: General PAZA Didier Gérard